Women's Self Defense Journals

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Women's Self Defense Journals


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Journal Entries #1

You don't have to be too young or too old to learn to defend yourself! Self Defense and Self Protection parallels the practitioners attitude and confidence. In order for one (young or old - male or female) to successfully defend themselves; they must come equipt with the mindset to do so. What does that entail? Attitude! Confidence! Self Esteem! Inward Strength.

Self Defense comes in many forms - You can be defending yourself against a physical attack, however, more usual, you can be defending yourself against an emotional attack or a verbal attack... The idea of the "Stranger lurking in the bushes waiting to pounce on their victim" is less likely than defending oneself against someone they already know. It could be from a spouse or significant other, a family member, a co-worker or a random acquaintance. Most of the time, it may not get to the physical stage - but later can lead up to it.

Once the above said "attacker" realizes that his or her "victim" is a push-over, that's when the attacker feels comfortable to take action against you.

A couple of pointers, that I always express to the participants in my Self Defense workshop:

  • Always look your attacker in the eye

  • Stand proud and strong - remember, any attacker (verbal, emotional or physical) are bullies at heart. You stand up to a bully, they usually back down.

  • Remain confident and in control (Control your breathing, your body stance and your emotions)

  • And if it gets physical (Be Pro-Active) - learn some quick and easy self defense physical moves to properly defend yourself - and Don't forget to YELL!! ***Important note! NEVER initiate a physical confrontation.

  • If it becomes physical against you and you're able to get away from the attacker - report the incident to the police immediately. No one has the right to lay their hands on you. (Check the laws in your own state or country)

  • Important to know - if you feel your friend, significant other, spouse or family member is verbally or possibly could be physically abusive - LEAVE! Do not stay! Find services that will help you get away from the perpetrator.

  • Practice on your own keeping scenarios in your head.


Journal Entries #2 The difference between Sexual Assault & Rape - Fighting from the ground!

A question was asked during a Self Defense Seminar-

What is the difference between Sexual Assault and Rape?

The answer to that question; there really isn't any difference. Sexual Assault is an attack on a person in a sexual manner to show control over the victim. That could be many situations under the sexual attack umbrella (rape, sodomy, molestation, etc..). Rape and Sexual Assault run hand and hand.

How can you prevent someone from raping you?

The answer - revert back to Self Defense Journal Entry#1. Usually, an attacker doesn't want to tangle with an assertive woman that can take care of herself. It's confidence that you can protect yourself. Although there are situations that I know very competent, strong women who have been attacked. However, their "self defense" knowledge came way too late when they started learning self defense after being attacked in the past.

Learn to defend yourself from the Ground or even going to the Ground!

BE PRO-ACTIVE! Learn self defense moves specifically to protect you (as a woman) from every confrontation angle - especially the ground! It's important to know vital striking areas that can get you out of a jam, but please learn how to defend yourself and attack from the ground. Ground fighting is a great tool to learn and probably the safest, since you're already on the ground and you don't have to worry about falling.

Learning to fall is just as important - so when you have to transition into fighting from the ground, it will be effortless.

Remember, no one has the RIGHT to touch you if you don't want them to. You have the absolute right to defend yourself. If you're looking for a Self Defense program - as scary or kind of humiliating you feel it can be - find an instructor that will teach you falling in every direction and ground self defense.

Journal Entries #3 Holiday Awareness - Beware of Thieves, Fraud & Scams!

Please have a SAFE and Happy Holiday Season!

December 18, 2009

The Holidays are now upon us. The hustle and bustle of holiday shopping and moving to and fro to visit relatives and friends. Our already, busy lives tend to become consumed by the pressures of parties, gift buying and being on the outside world a little more than you cared to. Spending money takes presidents in these few weeks and months. The more exposure you allow, the more the predators have to take from you!

In regards to Money:

Please be careful with your bank card. If you can, use cash as much as possible or a Credit Card. With a Credit Card, if fraud strikes your way, you have more recourse than you do with a debit card. The Fraudsters are on the prowl, be wary of how you spend your money and what form you spend it on.

Speaking of watching your money, literally watch your wallet! When going through LARGE crowds in the malls, make sure the opening of your belongings (purse) is not FACING your back. I personally caught a thief by EYE, while a woman was talking to her friends in a very crowded area. She had her purse opening facing her back and OPEN to the public. I saw a guy trying to put his hand in the opening. I called, "Ma'am, excuse me!" He took his hand out and ran. Luckily he got nothing. Please be wary of your belongings!

A friend of mine put this bulletin out on a SCAM that had happened to him. This is real, because I know the person that this happened to:

Holiday Scam Be Aware

I was the victim of a scam that has become quite popular. My brother
purchased an American Express gift card for me and was scammed by the
clerk. The card was purchased in New Jersey and mailed to me in North
Carolina. My brother paid for the card and the clerk swiped a card to
activate it. The clerk then handed a different card to my brother.
She kept the activated card. If you receive a gift card from any of the
major credit card companies, prior to using the card, call the card company to
confirm activation and the proper amount is on the card. In addition, if
you purchase a gift card for someone, keep the receipt. If you get a card
that you believe is part of this scam, call the credit card fraud department and
advise them of the situation. You will need the card number, the security
code on the card, the expiration date and the place and date of purchase.
Do not give the individual you are speaking with from the credit card company
any of your personal information, it is not needed or required. The
clerk involved in the scam against my brother was unaware that he is a judge in
Newark and she will be spending Christmas and a few other holidays in jail.
Those doing this scam are hoping that the victims will do nothing. By a
few phone calls, the perpetrator was stopped in her tracks. Have a safe
and happy holiday season.

Marty Katz

Thermo Fisher Scientific Site Security Manager

Day and Zimmermann Security Services